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On this site you will find my VM Options Explorer, OpenJFX builds, fastdebug JDK builds, and other Java / JDK related info.
Site maintained by Chris Newland, Java Champion and author of JITWatch (follow me on Twtter @chriswhocodes).

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fastdebug builds of OpenJDK

OpenJDK 8 fastdebug build for Linux amd64
OpenJDK 9 fastdebug build for Linux amd64
OpenJDK 10 fastdebug build for Linux amd64
OpenJDK 11 fastdebug build for Linux amd64
OpenJDK 12 fastdebug build for Linux amd64
OpenJDK 13 fastdebug build for Linux amd64
OpenJDK 14 fastdebug build for Linux amd64

VM Options Explorer

Explore JVM options for HotSpot, GraalVM, OpenJ9 and Zing
Differences between HotSpot VM Options across JDKs

OpenJFX Nightly and Stable (8u60) Builds

Builds of OpenJFX 8 for Linux amd64 (Desktop), OSX, x86egl (Monocle), and armv6hf (Raspberry Pi)
by @chriswhocodes.
These builds are from code in the OpenJFX mercurial repositories.
My unofficial builds come with no warranty and you should spend a minute thinking about the security implications of using binaries you found on the internet. You are trusting my good nature and the codebase from which these are built!
I don't work for Oracle and have not security audited this code.

Interested in Java performance?

Check out JITWatch - Log analyser and visualiser for the HotSpot JIT compiler

Want to see some JavaFX graphical effects?

Check out DemoFX - Testbed for measuring JavaFX performance

Download OpenJFX javadocs and source code

Source code zip
Javadoc zip

Download OpenJFX builds for Linux amd64

OpenJFX 8 nightly for Linux amd64
OpenJFX 8u60 stable for Linux amd64

Download OpenJFX builds for OSX 64-bit

OpenJFX 8 nightly for OSX
OpenJFX 8u60 stable for OSX

Download OpenJFX builds for Linux ARMv6 hard float (Raspberry Pi etc.)

OpenJFX 8 nightly for armv6hf
OpenJFX 8u60 stable for armv6hf
OpenJFX 8 nightly for armv6hf with libbrcm fix See https://lb.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=195026

Download OpenJFX builds for Windows 64-bit

OpenJFX 8 nightly for Windows
After unzipping the overlay you may need to go to jre/bin and make the DLL files executable.

Download OpenJFX builds for Linux x86egl (Monocle) headless Linux systems

NB my nightly Monocle builds are patched to include javafx.embed.swing packages:
diff -r e8e9e25dd5b9 buildSrc/x86egl.gradle
--- a/buildSrc/x86egl.gradle	Thu Apr 28 15:31:56 2016 -0700
+++ b/buildSrc/x86egl.gradle	Sat Apr 30 11:47:40 2016 +0000
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
 X86EGL.includeMonocle = true
 X86EGL.includeNull3d = true
 X86EGL.includeEGL = true
-X86EGL.includeSwing = false
+X86EGL.includeSwing = true
 X86EGL.includeSWT = false
 X86EGL.includeGTK = true
So that you can do things like take node snapshots and save them to files on headless systems:
ImageIO.write(SwingFXUtils.fromFXImage(image, null), "png", new File("snapshot.png"));
OpenJFX 8 nightly Monocle x86egl (patched)
OpenJFX 8u60 stable Monocle x86egl (not patched)

Need a JDK?

AdoptOpenJDK builds (do not include JavaFX)
Oracle JDK8 (includes JavaFX)
Zulu OpenJDK from by Azul Systems (Only builds marked ZuluFX include JavaFX)
Please note that overlay builds cannot be used with JDK9 onwards


Unzip the download into your JRE/JDK:
unzip <OpenJFX build> -d <Java directory>
e.g. Linux amd64 (Desktop)
unzip openjfx-8-sdk-overlay-linux-amd64.zip -d /home/chris/jdk1.8.0_172
or ARMv6 Hard Float (Raspberry Pi)
unzip openjfx-8-sdk-overlay-linux-armv6hf.zip -d /home/pi/jdk1.8.0_172
or Linux x86egl (Monocle)
unzip openjfx-8-sdk-overlay-linux-x86egl.zip -d /home/chris/jdk1.8.0_172

Latest ARM Cross-compiling libraries for OpenJFX

Download latest ARM cross-compiling libraries

Build Logs

Latest crosslibs update log
Latest OpenJFX 8 Nightly Build Log