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OpenJFX Nightly and Stable (8u60) Builds

Builds of OpenJFX 8 for Linux amd64 (Desktop), OSX, x86egl (Monocle), and armv6hf (Raspberry Pi)
by @chriswhocodes.
These builds are from code in the OpenJFX mercurial repositories.
My unofficial builds come with no warranty and you should spend a minute thinking about the security implications of using binaries you found on the internet. You are trusting my good nature and the codebase from which these are built!
I don't work for Oracle and have not security audited this code.

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Download OpenJFX builds for Linux amd64

OpenJFX 8 nightly for Linux amd64
OpenJFX 8u60 stable for Linux amd64

Download OpenJFX builds for OSX 64-bit

OpenJFX 8 nightly for OSX
OpenJFX 8u60 stable for OSX

Download OpenJFX builds for Linux ARMv6 hard float (Raspberry Pi etc.)

OpenJFX 8 nightly for armv6hf
OpenJFX 8u60 stable for armv6hf

Download OpenJFX builds for Windows 64-bit

OpenJFX 8 nightly for Windows
After unzipping the overlay you may need to go to jre/bin and make the DLL files executable.

Download OpenJFX builds for Linux x86egl (Monocle) headless Linux systems

NB my nightly Monocle builds are patched to include javafx.embed.swing packages:
diff -r e8e9e25dd5b9 buildSrc/x86egl.gradle
--- a/buildSrc/x86egl.gradle	Thu Apr 28 15:31:56 2016 -0700
+++ b/buildSrc/x86egl.gradle	Sat Apr 30 11:47:40 2016 +0000
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
 X86EGL.includeMonocle = true
 X86EGL.includeNull3d = true
 X86EGL.includeEGL = true
-X86EGL.includeSwing = false
+X86EGL.includeSwing = true
 X86EGL.includeSWT = false
 X86EGL.includeGTK = true
So that you can do things like take node snapshots and save them to files on headless systems:
ImageIO.write(SwingFXUtils.fromFXImage(image, null), "png", new File("snapshot.png"));
OpenJFX 8 nightly Monocle x86egl (patched)
OpenJFX 8u60 stable Monocle x86egl (not patched)

Need a JDK?

Oracle JDK8 Update 161/162 (includes JavaFX)
Zulu OpenJDK from by Azul Systems (Does not include JavaFX)
Please note that overlay builds cannot be used with JDK9


Unzip the download into your JRE/JDK:
unzip <OpenJFX build> -d <Java directory>
e.g. Linux amd64 (Desktop)
unzip openjfx-8-sdk-overlay-linux-amd64.zip -d /home/chris/jdk1.8.0_162
or ARMv6 Hard Float (Raspberry Pi)
unzip openjfx-8-sdk-overlay-linux-armv6hf.zip -d /home/pi/jdk1.8.0_162
or Linux x86egl (Monocle)
unzip openjfx-8-sdk-overlay-linux-x86egl.zip -d /home/chris/jdk1.8.0_162

Latest ARM Cross-compiling libraries for OpenJFX

Download latest ARM cross-compiling libraries

Build Logs

Latest crosslibs update log
Latest OpenJFX 8 Nightly Build Log